Mauritanian shoreline

investment climate – mauritania

Mauritania offers a favourable working environment, fair fiscal terms and a developed, stable resource sector.

GDP: US$5.0bn 

Annual Growth: 2.2% 

Population: 3.6m 

Inflation: 3.5% 

Major Industries: fish processing; oil production; mining (iron ore, gold and copper)

Major Trading Partners: China, Switzerland, France, Spain

Taxation of Oil Production: 27% corporation tax

Cost/profit oil spilt based on “R” Factor

Existing Presence: Dana Petroleum, Kosmos Energy, Tullow Oil, Petronas, Total and Repsol

Political Situation:

Mauritania restored democracy in 2009 when Mohamed Ould Abdelaziz was elected President. This was viewed as a return to constitutional order by the EU and has been maintained to date. President Abdelaziz was elected for a second term in June 2014.

Investment Climate:

The current government has placed a priority on actively seeking foreign investment. It is currently in collaboration with the World Bank and the Investment Authority in the Ministry of Economy and Development to create a new Code of Investment, which aims to encourage direct investment, facilitate administrative procedures and enhance investment security.



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